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Middle Score 620+

(580 score with Rental History).

30 Years Fixed Rate

Your monthly mortgage will not change.

Loan Amount

$180,000 to $360,000

96.5% FHA Loan

Amazing rates, no need to pay collections.

Up to 6% Seller Help Allowed


Middle Score 620+

(the higher the better).

30 Years Fixed Rate

Your monthly mortgage will not change.

Loan Amount

$180,000 to $510,000

95% Conventional Loan

Amazing rates, requires to pay collections.

Up to 3% Seller Help Allowed

and more...

No income limits! We provide the DPA. Will need to be repaid only if Refi or Sale or atthe end of 30th year
You may have to bring a very small balance the day of closing.
Please, complete Step 2 and Step 3 to apply.
Without Step 3 we will be unable to process your application.


Find out how much you can actually afford now!

How do you get paid? :
MINIMUM Credit Card(s) Payments :
* include mortgage payments (if any)
Car Payment(s) :
Do you receive alimony or child support?
(or any other monthly income)
Do you pay monthly alimony or child support:
Student Loans 0.5% (of the balance) :



Want More Than An Estimate?

The next step is to get an approval letter, stating how much you’re pre-approved.

Before house hunting, you need an approval letter. Helps sellers know you’re serious about buying.

How long does it take?

It only takes three minutes.

Request Application by Email


After you submit your application, you MUST Authorize and Pay for your credit report.
Otherwise, we can't process your application.

Authorize & Pay for Your Credit Report

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